What should I do if a truck collided with my car while it was parked in the parking zone?

This kind of scenario can literally ruin the vehicle owner’s day. Parking your car in a safe parking spot, not thinking about it twice, you come back, and boom! You witness your car in pieces. That’s not a fairly soothing thing to watch. Vehicle owners do face this situation more often than one can imagine. But the lack of knowledge and, in some cases, the lack of evidence may hamper and violate the rights that the victim might possess. To learn more about what is to be done, you should consult a well-practiced lawyer who will fight in the courtroom on behalf of your losses.

Scenarios that may occur in such situations

You might find the accused has left a note nearby, giving his / her contact details, which might be helpful in further investigations. It might be a rare action, but yes, the possibility of this happening remains.

In other cases, you can walk back to your car to find out that it’s damaged, with not a trace of the person who caused that. It can be a more likely situation to face and should be dealt with lawfully with proper evidence.

What should be done by me in such a situation?

  • The first and foremost task you should perform is to note the offender’s details. The details you will recover from the scene itself can often help strengthen your lawsuit against the offender.
  • Look for witnesses and security cameras. In some cases, as mentioned before, the accused may have left the scene long ago. In such a case, you should always ask the area locals what they saw and look for cameras that may have captured the video of the incident. 
  • Inform your insurance company. The loss you may have to bear if such can be immense. Therefore having insurance covering the monetary aspect Indeed be helpful.

Can a lawyer help me?

Yes, of course! A lawyer in situations like this, if not settled mutually by the offender, can be a useful tool in the hands of the victim. He/she will collect the proof and the documentation of the damages and fight for your losses in the lawsuit. 


Handle such situations calmly and with a cool mind. In most cases, the damages can recover, if not the total amount, then at least the larger part.

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