What Not to Do on a Plane

There are many things you can do on a plane to make your flight more comfortable and pleasant. For starters, you should wear comfortable shoes and avoid eating anything stinky. Also, do not put large items on the tray table because there is no room to fit them. You should also avoid touching the other passengers’ legs. You can also get sick on a plane, so always throw away any food that you accidentally spill on the floor.

Maintaining distance will protect you from getting sick

It’s perfectly acceptable to use a seat that is not your own as a foot prop. If you smell your feet, leave your shoes on. You may be tempted to touch strangers, but it’s not the best idea. You’ll also risk annoying other passengers. Besides, people can catch influenza or other diseases if they are not careful. Keeping your distance will keep you from getting sick, but you’ll also save some money.

Plan to eliminate fatigue

Flying is tiring and many flights across multiple time zones. It’s important to get some rest. If you’re planning on sleeping on a long flight, you should try to grab a few z’s before the flight. Remember, the seats on planes aren’t the most comfortable. It’s also rude to pull your shoes and socks up on the plane floor. It’s also unsanitary and inconsiderate of other passengers.

Be sure to use hand sanitizer

You should avoid being an airborne germaphobe. The seat belt can harbor harmful bacteria. The Today show reported that the seat belts were full of germs. If you’re on a plane, don’t forget to use hand sanitizer. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you’ll also avoid the embarrassment of an airborne illness. If you have to urinate, try to make yourself at least somewhat comfortable.

Don’t let your belongings bother others

Leaving your shoes on the plane is another bad idea. Not only are your shoes potentially harmful, but they can also be a nuisance to other passengers. Instead of sneezing, try to leave your shoes on. This will help you avoid an unpleasant experience. If you’re in the habit of smelling like a cat or a dog, don’t do this on a plane.


Don’t do anything that is inhumane. While flying on a plane, you don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, so you should follow common courtesy guidelines. For example, don’t leave your shoes on if you have smelly feet. And don’t let anyone touch your legs. By leaving your shoes on, you’ll ensure that everyone stays safe. You’ll also be more comfortable with other passengers on your flight.

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