What is family therapy

If your family is going through a difficult time – be it because of stress, anger, grief, or the addiction of one of your family members – family therapy can help you all get through this difficult time. Its aim is to teach couples, children and parents to communicate better – new, healthy patterns of behavior in conflict and crisis situations. 

In this article, we’ll explain what this therapy is all about, what its benefits are, and why it is so important. When it seems that your family problems are too big for you to deal with them on your own – undoubtedly it’s time to go to a specialist psychotherapist. If you are hesitating and wondering what family therapy is and what its benefits are, then you are in the right place.

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What is family therapy?

While the phrase “family therapy” implies that the whole family is seeking help, it is not necessary that all family members participate in therapy. This therapy does not necessarily require the whole family to be involved on the same level.

It is impossible to describe in one sentence what family therapy is all about. Relationships with loved ones are extremely important to our mental health. Therefore, family therapy focuses on situations where interactions and family dynamics have been disrupted. This may be, for example, an addiction problem of one of its members. Such therapy is generally short-term and goal-oriented. He studies patterns, conflicts and ways of communicating in the family system. The main goal of the therapy is to identify and solve problems within the family.

During the first meeting, you will discuss the problem that brought you to therapy. The therapist will give each person the opportunity to talk about what, in their opinion, are the main difficulties that they or the entire family system are facing.

Then we can propose an individual therapist to each family member and / or continue the therapy together. This will be the case, for example, in the case of a husband who has a problem with alcohol addiction and his wife – a co-addicted person. Everyone in this couple needs a different therapeutic perspective.

What topics can a family therapist deal with?

  • conflicts between family members,
  • addiction to psychoactive substances,
  • behavioral addiction of a family member,
  • living with a mental illness or physical disability of one of the people,
  • financial problems or misunderstandings about money
  • death in the family,
  • infidelity,
  • finding yourself in a periportive situation,
  • school problems,
  • difficulties in communication between siblings,
  • behavior problems / aggression in children, behavioral disorders,
  • burnout, dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Benefits of family therapy

Family therapy has many benefits and is a very effective method of solving difficulties and problems. In many cases, family therapy is used as a preventive step. Consequently, it is often aimed at preventing deeper conflicts.

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When the idea of ​​family therapy first appeared, the family was defined in a traditional way – with children and their parents. Over the years, this concept has evolved to include people who are in loving, supportive relationships. Regardless of whether they are related or married. Basically, this means that anyone who builds intimacy relationships can get help.

Benefits of family therapy:

  • ability to communicate, gentle communication, firm, fearless,
  • restore healthy dynamics in the family if one of the members is addicted,
  • coping with difficult, emotional situations,
  • gaining new understanding and perspective,
  • identification and naming of problems in the family,
  • developing healthy boundaries,
  • defining the roles of individual people in the family,
  • providing strategies for dealing with conflicts,
  • improving and strengthening relationships and closeness.

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