The Ultimate Dosage Guide for Magic Mushroom Users

The fantastic ability of magic mushrooms is to rewire people’s brains. They are well-documented and studied, which makes them more enjoyable.

The capability of psychedelic mushrooms to help treat mental disorders is starting to catch up. In Canada, licenced professionals have already been able to decide if their patients can get psilocybin treatment.

As we continue to accept psychedelics as a treatment for mental illness, it will slowly open doors to other opportunities. Maybe someday, it will be more accessible for recreational use like cannabis.

But for now, most psychonauts and beginners enjoy their shrooms discreetly. They can buy from online dispensaries like Zoomies Canada, which sell high-quality products.

Enjoying Magic Mushrooms with the Right Dose

One of the essential pieces of knowledge one must have to enjoy their magic mushroom experience is to find the correct dose. It can affect one’s experience with psychedelics.

A dose of mushroom can help set the mood, experience, and trip a user wants. That’s why learning how to use the proper dose matters.

Shrooms can come in different strains and potencies. The exact amount of the active ingredient is unknown since testing it is difficult.

That’s why regular users base their trip on preparing the correct dose. Although doses are crucial, and this guide can help you decide what to use, it is always an individual preference.

Beginners are always required to start low or use mild recreational doses. Meanwhile, expert users can dive right into the heroic amount.

Why is Choosing the Right Dose Essential?

The correct magic mushroom dosage can affect the experience of a trip. Overdosing or taking more mushrooms than is advised is not a good idea, especially if you are just starting.

Users are strongly advised to microdose psychedelics like fresh or dried magic mushrooms. Consuming modest amounts of mushrooms is best for beginners. They can figure out what dose will work best for them.

Mushrooms are Potent

Some mushroom strains are potent, so you’ll have to choose your dose correctly. If you want a light feel of the mushroom, you can go for a museum dose of a moderate amount.

Consuming a high amount of a potent strain can cause some adverse effects. Sometimes, you can end up overwhelmed or traumatized by the experience. So, better try low doses and increase them when you are ready.

Prevent Bad Trips

The adverse effects of shrooms are often due to the wrong dose. For first-time users, bad trips can be a traumatizing experience.

When one goes through such a trip, they do not want to try shrooms again. Instead of enjoying them, they’ll end up with the following:

  • Paranoia
  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • A sudden change of mood
  • Hypersensitive to the environment


Mushrooms are said to have an addictive effect. But it’s not that the drug is addicting; the user can quickly build a tolerance to shrooms.

Psychedelic shrooms can make a person build tolerance even on their first use. That’s why, even when microdosing, it is essential to have some days off.

When a user builds tolerance, they want to increase the dose or look for other drugs (which are more potent) as an alternative. Therefore, taking shrooms with the correct amount and at the correct intervals is critical.

The Ultimate Dosage Guide for Magic Mushrooms

Although there is no universal dose for everyone, having a guide can help users gauge what dose will work for them. If you know what experience you are looking for and your expertise level, you can easily choose the amount of psilocybin you can use.

Microdose (0.2 to 0.9g)

The practice of microdosing is one that many users of magic mushrooms use. Taking a relatively tiny amount results in minor and controllable side effects.

A microdose will only make you feel happier, more focused, and more alert, while greater dosages can take you on a fantastic psychedelic journey. You can proceed to do your routine with small doses of shrooms.

Some people might increase their intake from 0.7 to around 1 gram since they cannot experience the effects of microdosing. You can consider it a microdose if you are not starting to have changes in visuals and hallucinations.

The most common products good for microdosing are capsules and edibles.

Museum Dose or Beginner’s Dose (0.5 to 1.5g)

So, what is a museum dose? And how is it different from microdose?

At first glance, museum dose mushrooms may be similar to microdose, but they differ. How? Individuals’ tolerance of psychedelic drugs is different.

One person may experience euphoria, excitement, and visuals at 0.7g. Meanwhile, its effect on others can only be mood-boosting.

The museum dose meaning originated from Dr. Alexander Shulgin, a biochemist and pharmacologist. It refers to a dose that one can still view a painting in a museum or do public activities without causing any attention.

Some people take 1 to 1.5 grams of mushrooms when they want a low dose with a decent high. It doesn’t cause them to hallucinate or alter their perception.

A museum dose of shrooms has the potential to heighten your senses significantly, improve your mood, and even alter how you perceive the world. Colours will appear more vibrant, your thoughts will be more original and creative, and you’ll probably feel joyful, exuberant, and stress-free.

Enjoying this dose when eating psychedelic shrooms or drinking tea is best!

Classic or Moderate Dose (1.5 to 3g)

Typically, ingesting 1.5 to 3 grams will induce the traditional magic mushroom high that you seek. The effects won’t be much more potent than consuming about 1 g (lower end of this range), though you might start to get light flashes of hallucination and find it difficult to concentrate.

You’ll experience the entire spectrum of magic mushroom effects at the higher end of this range. You’ll start to see objects moving and patterns emerging out of nowhere. Things will begin to feel and sound different, and your senses will increase. 

At this point, it will be difficult for you to concentrate, and you may begin to lose track of reality. Although it will be pretty tricky for you to focus, you’ll become more reflective and experience a variety of thoughts that may even be spiritual.

Strong dose (3g to 4 g)

Individuals who have used magic mushrooms extensively might want to attempt ingesting a higher dose – 3g and up. They can experience intense effects with more potent hallucinations.

A high dose can also cause flooding of the senses, vivid visuals, a loss of touch with reality, and a loss of self.With this dose, people start to have life-changing experiences associated with mystical and shamanic experiences.

Some users go beyond the 4g to experience a much more intense trip. It is overwhelming for first-time users. However, preparation is always crucial when you attempt to try high amounts.

Keep Safe with the Right Dose

With this dosing guide, you can start considering what experience you want. If you desire a mild effect, try the museum dose. If it’s a mellow trip you like, have a go with the classic amount.

Ensure to choose a dose that you can indeed tolerate and not cause any bad trips. If you are a beginner, always start low. If you want to move to the next level, prepare before ingesting a shroom.

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