The vast majority of people decide to create an online course on a course-selling website in order to make money while pursuing their passions. Technological advancements have given us the capacity to monetize practically anything. A global exchange of ideas and understanding of the talents, interests, and other resources that individuals have around the world requires the use of an online course. Online courses are in very high demand as more and more individuals hunt for new categories of excellent online learning content these days, particularly when it comes to learning new skills. Of course, several course selling website claim to be the finest ones for selling online courses. But, it is important to remember that the title of “the best platform to sell online courses” can never be objectively determined. The platform you consider “the best platform to sell online courses” might not always be the best for your peer.

Selling Before You Create Your Course: Pre-Framing And Pre-Selling

Like offline or in-person courses, online courses(learn how to create an online course here) also require marketing and advertising before people take interest in your course and subscribe to it. Pre-framing simply refers to the practice of winning the trust and likeability of your audience so that you can build a rapport with them before they join your funnel. Its objective is to establish a connection with your audience before ever attempting to offer them the course which you have launched on a course-selling website. You can produce both long form and short form content when you employ pre-framing. Podcasts and other longer-form content can be considered long form. Any type of shorter content, such as reels, posts, and short videos, can be referred to as short-form content. Long-form material has the advantage of fostering an emotional connection with the viewer that short-form content cannot. Your longer content may be discovered by potential clients who find you and your delivery engaging enough to enroll in your online course. Short form content merely has the goal of drawing attention to you. You use the short form content to direct people to your long-form content and your course on the course-selling website. It is powerless to keep their attention and transform casual viewers into leads.

 Pre-selling, on the other hand, refers to the practice of promoting courses even before they have been developed. You market it to an audience even before it is fully thought out or recorded. Regardless of the platform, you use to sell courses, you must persuade your clients to reserve slots before the course even starts.

Selling After You Create Your Course: The Multiple Strategies You Employ

1) Generate leads

You need to receive revenue for your services. For this, you’ll need people to enter your sales funnel or subscribe to your email list. So how do you convince someone to give you their email addresses or other personal information? In general, there are three ways to accomplish this. PDF user guides come first. Give your consumers PDF guides that address their problems. Create extensive, in-depth instructions that visitors to your website can download. Through a live learning experience, leads can also be generated in a second approach. There are numerous ways to do this. It may be a five-hour workshop or a two-hour webcast. One-on-one consulting is the third technique. During the free strategy session, you take action to promote your course to the participants.

2) Selling your first course

When you sell your first course on a course selling website, there are many different methods you might employ to generate sales. All these methods can collectively be given the name ‘sales funnel’. All funnels work in the same way, whether it be through direct sales, book launches, messenger classes, live webinars, paid webinars, high ticket funnels, etc. You direct traffic to a lead capture page, where you use a variety of tactics to persuade visitors to buy your product (which in this case is your online course).

3) Creating additional revenue

When choosing to sell on a course selling website, upselling is something that requires research and careful planning. You can use a variety of techniques. Weekly live Q&A sessions are essentially one of these techniques. You respond to questions and invite new students to your course, among other things here. Typically, those who attend these sessions have previously registered for one or more of your courses. As a result, you can use this chance to spread the word about other courses that they might not have been aware of.

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