Is Daycare Right for Child Development?

Many studies have shown that children who spend time at daycare are more likely to become antisocial, bullies, and loners later on. But this is simply not true. A study by Sorbonne University looked at almost 1,500 parents who chronicled their child’s behavior from birth until age eight. The researchers found that children who attended daycare for more than a year were more likely to demonstrate better social skills and fewer peer-related problems.

High-quality day-care helps children develop social skills and achieve their academic goals

A recent study from Vox shows that children in center-based care are likely to have more stable relationships with adults. Moreover, children who attend high-quality daycare have lower behavioral problems and are less likely to experience depression. While this isn’t a perfect solution, it may be the best option for young children. In addition, a high-quality daycare can help children develop social skills and achieve their academic goals.

Daycare improves baby’s development

Although this study was conducted a decade ago, the findings of that study are still controversial. Some researchers have cited 250 articles as evidence that daycares improve child development. In fact, a study by Quebec psychologists concluded that early maternal employment had no impact on child development, but it did show that children who attended a daycare had higher self-esteem. This is why some researchers question whether daycares are good for kids, while others find that they are harmful to them.

Day-care can be harmful to young children

One study from a Quebec child-care program also suggests that daycare has negative effects on children. These results suggest that children who attend daycare are more likely to suffer from depression later on. Other studies have concluded that formal daycares are detrimental for younger children, indicating that the positive effects of the program have not canceled out the negative ones. So, what is the real impact of daycare on your child’s development?

Avoid day care if in doubt

While there is no conclusive proof that daycares are the best for child development, the research has proven that quality daycares can enhance a child’s overall development. In addition, research has shown that children who attend high-quality programs are more likely to earn a college degree later in life. Nevertheless, the benefits of daycare are worth the risks. If you have doubts, look for a higher-quality program.


Despite the positive effects of daycare, there are still some drawbacks. In the early years of child development, there is little evidence that suggests that it is a good choice for young children. It is also important to note that many research findings are based on a limited sample of children, which means that they do not have the same developmental experiences as other children. If a child attends daycare, it can be beneficial for the kid’s mental health.

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