How Can We Prevent Violence Across Cultures

Understanding how social norms influence violence in a particular culture is essential for preventing the spread of it. Whether people are violent or not is influenced by cultural norms. In rural communities, for example, a person’s sense of independence is rooted in strong cultural values, and seeking help from outsiders is not often seen as a positive thing. In contrast, in a city, a person of color may feel no loyalty to the social services or criminal justice systems, and thus do not trust such institutions as domestic violence programs.

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Effective measures must be taken to prevent violence

Fortunately, there are some effective methods for preventing violence across cultures that can be used across cultures. For example, the Breakthrough organization engages men in peer-based interventions that challenge harmful cultural norms. Another example is Bell Bajau, which rings bells in households where domestic violence is prevalent. The concept of breaking down cultural manifestations of violence is important to address the issue of domestic violence. In addition to this, the Forum also seeks to prevent the spread of the problem of gender-based violence.

Culture can be a positive force in reducing violence

While there are numerous examples of violence prevention efforts around the world, there are several common themes. These include addressing the social norms of different cultures. In the United States, for instance, the American Society for Development (USAID) has sponsored a study on violence prevention. The authors look at the civic culture of different cultures to see how it can prevent harmful behaviors. For example, they find that civic culture can be a positive force in reducing violence.

We need to work together to identify the root causes of violence

The STRIVE Research Consortium has been able to gather experts from diverse disciplines to address the causes of violence. Moreover, this forum hosted workshops on topics such as globalization, women’s health, and mental health. Among the speakers were Sheldon Greenberg, a prominent American sociologist, and director of the United States Agency for International Development. This group is committed to addressing the root causes of violence and adopting innovative prevention strategies.

Research is needed on how cultural norms affect children

The panelists on this panel also included national representatives of the U.S. Agency for International Development. These experts discussed how cultural norms influence violence in various settings, including the United States and India. The discussion focused on how cultural norms affect children, as well as the way men and women interact and relate to their partners. The researchers highlighted the intersectionality of the causes of violence, such as the role of gender in domestic and interpersonal relationships, and the way to prevent them.


The panelists of the conference reflected on the challenges of the prevention of violence. Among these were Patrick Kelley, a member of the National Academies, and Gretchen Bachman, a representative of the U.S. Agency for International Development. Her panelists discussed the need for global collaboration in preventing violence, and the need to implement a holistic approach in preventing it. In addition, they noted the need for cultural norms to change savefromnet.

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