Hair root transplantation gives self-confidence

Surgery is important to book hair transplantation. If our house has a ranking of the most mocked stories. (What foreigners call bullying) for Thai people to count short, black, bald as the top three problems, some bald hair is a big problem. Because it can happen to anyone, it’s hard to have a problem with it. 

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The main reason is caused by The genetics of this mimicry. In addition to not having a positive effect on the atmosphere of the relationship, it also hurts the minds of those who are mocked because the problem of being mocked is incredibly high in foreign countries. There have been young men who have contemplated suicide because of this problem, while some of them suffer from severe depression and lack of confidence. And choosing the wrong partner is important, doctors find it a barrier to treatment. While patients need counseling and treatment, they are embarrassed to tell the people around them when they have to. Come to get surgery and go back to being teased by friends for treatment. Most of them have become secretly seeking information. Or secretly buy drugs based on poor quality propaganda, thus losing both money and opportunity to treat it better. Baldness is mainly caused by genetics. Therefore, mocking is considered disrespectful and disrespectful. spread to parents Because it’s a genetic inheritance. Anyone who still makes fun of friends about bald heads, little hair, wide forehead, let’s think for a bit about our hearts.

How to treat thinning hair, baldness, not to be deceived. We can see that some hair problems are bald. It’s a very big deal, but people Seeing a doctor for treatment actually have little. Most of them are embarrassed to find a cure, often looking for misinformation or misconceptions, such as being bald in the sun, wearing a hat and bald, dyeing hair, cutting hair and losing bald hair, etc. In fact, some hair loss It is normal that hair follicles from birth to death will never multiply, but will switch bodies according to the life cycle forever. End of life The hair follicle life cycle consists of mainly 3 phases, namely until the division phase. Anagen phase is the phase that produces hair. The hair we see all the long hair on the head is divided into sections. This period lasts 3-10 years, so our hair can be kept long. because the root of the hair will fall off first, otherwise If people don’t cut their hair for 20 years, their hair will grow long like Rapunzel. This is not possible. Catagen phase is the phase in which hair begins to fall in cycles or due to stimuli such as stress, disease, and hormonal changes. During this period, it takes 2-3 weeks. This phase is the phase when most people are worried about hair loss and see a doctor. In fact, stress usually occurs 2-3 weeks before the rest period. or Telogen phase is the phase where the hair follicles are shortened and do not divide. At this stage, we will not see any long hair, the hair follicle will be left with only short hairs. Wait for the time to return to a new division in the next 3-4 months. Some hair loss is normal. But when there is a stimulus to stimulate (stress, disease, hormones), it will fall. If the hair loss is too much, we need to find the cause to stimulate in the case of genetically weak hair follicles. Each round that falls will grow again into smaller and smaller strands until gradually becoming a hairball or hair of a bald person. If I take a magnifying glass to look at it, it’s okay to have a lot of hair, but it doesn’t come out in large strands, so it looks like it’s empty and bald. Since the importance of my health is The root itself is strong or not, various stimuli, so treatment is aimed at

The right cause, the treatment that is really effective, at present, there are only

  1. The use of anti-hormonal DHT drugs (which people are so afraid of because it suppresses sexual performance)
  2. Applying 5% Minoxidil
  3. The use of low-power laser light.

These three treatments It has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration that it really works in terms of slowing hair loss only. however The weak root genetics eventually prevailed. In the case of using shampoos, herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, or other holy waters that claim to have properties It can be used according to the way of thinking about peace of mind, but it is difficult to hope for results. And most of them are scammed, selling products that are money back guarantee. but never actually seen that hair transplant surgery. It is not classified as helping to reduce hair loss at all. Because of the transplantation of hair roots with surgery as a solution to the problem at the end When the hair loss is very bald, then to come back to have a good image as before. is to remove hair roots from other areas of the head to replace

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