It is natural to lose 100 strands a day. They grow back with time. It is considered to be hair loss when the lost hair doesn’t grow back. Seeing multiple strands fall out of the scalp can send many in frenzy. Though we might try multiple home remedies, it is not always helpful. At this time, it is a great idea to consider a hair restoration procedure known as PRP hair Toronto. It is a procedure that can be carried out on its own and even be paired with a hair transplant. This can help to achieve remarkable results. We are here to tell you about this procedure.

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP Therapy is a hair restoration procedure that makes use of the growth platelets that are present in the blood. For that, blood is drawn from the body. Then, this blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate the white blood cells and white blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma. This plasma is then injected back into the scalp into the targeted area. It then stimulates the hair follicles to produce healthy and thicker strands. Before injecting the PRP, a freezing agent is applied to the scalp to make the treatment comfortable for you. It takes about half an hour to complete PRP therapy. You can go right back to work.

The plasma is used because it has natural healing properties. It is what is responsible for covering the wounds when they take place. As it is natural, there are no chances of rejection. It enables the natural growth of hair by injecting the plasma into the targeted site.

When is PRP the most effective?

Being a hair restoration treatment, it is great for those who are seeing mild hair loss. Undergoing PRP will make you see great results in a good amount of time. You will see that your hair now grows faster. It also improves the quality of hair. The new hair strands will be thick, shiny and healthier. PRP slows down the hair loss process. It is an ideal procedure for both men and women. If there is a moderate level of hair loss, it can be paired with other treatments like Propecia and Rogaine. This will prevent hair loss from progressing.

Can it be paired with a hair transplant?

PRP has multiple benefits. It is ideal for improving the quality of hair and preventing hair loss. When there is a lot of hair loss, a hair transplant is the only way to go. However, a great thing about PRP is that when paired with a hair transplant it can boost the results. As it takes a while to see results with hair treatments, pairing them will help you to get thicker and healthier strands.

Seek Consultation

Whether PRP is the ideal procedure for you, will be determined. They will inform you what treatment option will be the best suited for your hair loss. Seeking consultation is the best way to go about making the decision.

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