Graphic Violence in Movies and Animations Affects Child Development

Graphic violence in movies and animations has been linked to increased physical aggression and a higher likelihood of aggression in children. A study conducted by Coker TR and Colman I examined the effects of violent film clips on preschoolers, elementary school children, and college students. These researchers found that viewing violent films and cartoons increased aggressive behavior. The findings suggest that children who see frequent graphic violence are more likely to engage in violence and physical aggression.

Graphic violence can have a negative effect on child development

Studies suggest that exposure to on-screen violence can increase children’s aggressive behavior. Even one violent program can raise their aggression. When children are exposed to realistic, uncomplicated violence, they are more likely to imitate it. Similarly, children with emotional, behavioral, or learning issues may be more susceptible to violent images. Also, these images can have a negative effect on young people, especially those without a strong family environment.

Graphic violence in cartoons and movies can cause harm to children

Some studies indicate that graphic violence in cartoons and movies is harmful to children. In young children, they are not yet able to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Therefore, they may be tempted to imitate the actions of the characters. Moreover, as a child grows older, emotional violence becomes more prevalent. Seeing scenes of emotion and death in animations and movies may confuse young children and lead them to be confused and violent.

It can also impair the ability to build healthy social relationships

The impact on children of on-screen violence is not immediate. Overexposure to graphic violence does not cause aggressive behavior, but prolonged exposure to violent television shows and movies may result in violent behaviors. High-level exposure to media violence may cause kids to imitate a child’s actions. This may affect kids with emotional and behavioral problems, and may even impair their ability to develop healthy social relationships.

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Cartoons and movies can create a violent world

In addition to creating a distorted perception of violence, cartoons and movies can also create a violent world. The images of emotional violence are often a child’s first experience with real violence and may confuse them. While it is impossible to determine the exact cause of on-screen violence, it has been shown to affect children’s development in several ways. The impact on children depends on the content, age, and environment of the cartoon or movie, but it is possible to find several studies that show the effects of this type of media content.


Certain plot elements of on-screen violence are thought to be high risk for children. For example, sexually attractive perpetrators are problematic for children because they may be easily identified with the victims. Additionally, on-screen violence has realistic violence. The authors also emphasized the risks of exposure to violent on-screen content for children. This is one of the most common reasons that violent on-screen content is harmful.

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